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LLOYD CELE WINS BEST POP ALBUM AT THE SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC AWARDS 18, and Thanks his Fans for this amazing achievement!!!

He was nominated in 4catergories.

Best Pop Album

Best duet/collaboration

Best Produced album

Album of the year

So, like in most countries, Idols is quite a big deal in South Africa. The 6th season finished in South Africa late last year and winner Elvis Blue has already gone gold with his debut album. Runner-up, however, L’loyd Cele is planning on hitting the South African music scene is a huge way when his debut album comes out next month. His lead single ‘Thanks To You’ is rapidly rising up the charts and is currently sitting at number 26. I met L’loyd at his first live performance and he has been a favourite of mine ever since. I had the chance to talk to L’loyd recently to see how the transition post Idols has been going.

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