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So, like in most countries, Idols is quite a big deal in South Africa. The 6th season finished in South Africa late last year and winner Elvis Blue has already gone gold with his debut album. Runner-up, however, L’loyd Cele is planning on hitting the South African music scene is a huge way when his debut album comes out next month. His lead single ‘Thanks To You’ is rapidly rising up the charts and is currently sitting at number 26. I met L’loyd at his first live performance and he has been a favourite of mine ever since. I had the chance to talk to L’loyd recently to see how the transition post Idols has been going.

Here is the interview:

So, L’loyd, You’ve had quite a whirlwind of a couple months after the end of Idols. How has that experience been for you?

The experience has been awesome, initially I thought after idols I would just chill and take my family for a vacation, but there has been a constant demand from me! From co-operates to weddings, to guest appearances, schools etc all over the country. Its been a tremendous blessing for me and my family. A ton of doors has opened up for me, I now have a company, I have created jobs for a friend and I have 3 people working with me full time doing what we love, music. This has been a dream come true

How has the recording experience been for you?

Recording has been going well, I work with the best producer in our country, Crighton Goodwil and I have the likes of Loyiso and Zwai Bala part of the team as well. What more can an artist ask for. These r the best in our country and its a great honor and a previledge to work with such talented musos. I love every second in studio.
I write all my songs and I’m loving every moment of where things r going. I have a strong understanding for where I want to take my music and I belive in this project. So yeah man I love this. icon_smile-3149891

What type of music can we expect for your debut album?

The project of this album we call it one. Its about showcasing the beautiful diversity of the music in our country and embracing unity through that. Ultimately its very soulful and versitile. Elements of rock, pop, R and B, Jazz , afro etc to create an urban vibe. The album is urban and very international in sound quality. There is something for everyone of my fans. Its hot man, u will dig. Every song has a fresh approuch and a fresh idea.

How do you plan on getting your music to connect with your fans?

By singing every song from the heart. That’s how I plan to connect with my fans

If you could collaborate with one local and one international artist, who would they be?

Local – Lira
International – U2

What is your current favourite local and international track?

Local -Thanks to you by me
International – Chris Brown – yeah X3

Can we expect a style similar to the debut single ‘Thanks To You’ and do you have a possible release date for your album as of yet?

As mentioned before, every song will be a unique taste. It will release begining of March, no date yet.

Does the album have a name yet?

Not yet, but the best name in the hat so far is ONE… We still playing around with name of the album, but so far we like ONE the most, will see by the time we finish album if it all ties in.

Who or what influenced you most with regards to the sound of the new album?

Past experience, our beautiful country and the amazing growth that we as a nation have come 2 in music.

How do you stay so real and down-to-earth and not be swallowed by the whole showbiz lifestyle?

Stay in touch with my maker, my heavenly father whose given me everything I have and made me to be the man I am, without him I am nothing.

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